Today I had a chance to talk about Content Marketing and the significance of it in getting traction to our product and ultimately making sales. Traffic & Conversions are the two pillars of Online Marketing and hopefully, I made the team understand this point strong.

Content Marketing Introducion 

During the 90’s Bill Gates for the first time mentioned the phrase, Content is the King in a paper and that is often quoted when it comes to Online Marketing.

Not all predictions of Bill Gates proved to be right, but this one stays true even today. Somebody even modified this quote to say, Content is the King; Distribution is the Queen.

Yes, though top-notch content ought to be viral by itself this quote implies the importance of sharing the content, Search Engine optimizing the content for huge reach.

The Buyer’s Journey 

A buyer essentially comes online to check for product reviews, the solution it offers etc. before actually making the buying decision.

That doesn’t happen instantly though. A buyers journey is actually compromised of 3 essential steps “ Awareness Stage; Consideration Stage; Decision Stage, “ That is how a prospect is converted into a customer. 

So, as a Content Marketer one should write content for each of these different stages only which can help close a sale. Rarely anybody goes online and directly clicks the Buy button and buy your product.

That is not how the buyers journey is. Hence, effective Content Marketing should take into account the buyers journey. 

The Buyers Journey.jpg

Inbound vs Outbound Marketing

Here are the differences between Inboud vs Outbound Marketing. While Outbound marketing is the traditional old school way of marketing, Inbound Marketing will focus only targeting the people who are already interested in the product.

But with Outbound marketing, you target everybody irrespective of whether they have any interest in the product or not.

By definition, Inbound Marketing is a marketing tactic that relies on earning people’s interest instead of buying it. On the other side, Outbound Marketing pushes the product on customers throat.

Content Marketing plays an effective role in Inbound Marketing which in addition employs, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing etc.

But Content Marketing is where marketing agencies allot most of the budget and give the top most priority. Reason: It gives results!

I concluded the session giving the team a quick overview on what is a split test and why it is done. Split testing is essentially the tweaking of your content (landing page, salespage etc.) for maximum conversions.

We have a lot of split test tools where you can have 2 (or more) variations of the same page. The traffic you bring in will equally be splitted 50/ 50 to each of the variations for the tool to check which version converts the most.

Then, at the end of the campaign you have a clear winner. The other variation that converted minimal is taken off and tested against another variation. Split test will let you test every element of your page like Heading Text, Title Text, Images, Design, Font and even the colors to know which converts the best.

Content is no doubt, the present and future of Online Marketing and sharpening your Content Marketing skills is the only way to make your product a hit online.