4 reasons why Office 365 is the best bet for your digital platform

Organisations need to evolve to adapt and meet the changing needs of business. For any organisation, the IT spends are driven by the business needs. Business demands IT to be focussed on business results, innovative & always changing & improving with the business needs. Digital transformation is the means of accelerating the business activities, processes and adopting to the never ending technical transformation that strategically enables business gains with a minimal impact.

Are you embracing digital transformation or not may be a question. But truth is you cannot avoid it. The first think you need to look at when you start your digital transformation journey is is the technology or platform that you are going to use to design your digital platform. Here we will look at why you have to consider Office 365 as your digital workplace platform.

1. There is a plan for everyone

From small business to enterprise, education to non-profit, government to Home; you have a plan for everyone & options to choose from with in each type of plan. So you could get the best bet of apps that is exactly required which means you get what you pay for. And you would be able to mix and match plans for users within your tenant (ie company/corporation). So you choose plans based on the roles your employees play in your company. And you pay for only the number of licenses active and you can do this month on month. This makes O365 a best option from a cost & flexibility point of view.

2. There is an app for that

When Office 365 was introduced first, Microsoft enabled companies move majority of their on premises workloads to cloud (like Exchange, SharePoint, Office to name a few). But with their cloud first mobile first approach, MS have introduced a lot of services within the O365 ecosystem. There are various apps available to foster business productivity like Staff Hub, Planner, Power apps, MS Flow, Power BI & the list is growing. To be precise the cloud versions are growing at a faster pace when compared to the on premises or server counterpart.

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3. Interoperability

With so many apps available to use, using O365 means being in the context. With azure active directory working behind the scenes for authentication and authorization, switching between various apps in O365, bringing data from one app to other is a piece of cake. And with evolving features like delve, the latest user card, the document activity details in the app launcher & more, you don’t feel you are using different apps rather a single application. From a development & extending O365 point of view, the Graph API makes things simple being a gateway for all your O365 data.

4. Extension Possibilities

One size doesn’t fit all. But O365 comes in different sizes. But if you still feel you need more, there are ways you can bring your customization in to O365. With Microsoft’s App Source you could choose apps from Microsoft & third party providers that can be installed to your various O365 apps. You can even build your own, host it in App source or in your premises that you can bring it to your use with in O365. The possibilities are limitless when you are using O365.

With O365 you can rest assured that you are not left behind in bringing your people & business process online & create a true digital workplace.

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