Cloud Technology can spike SMB cash flows by up to 308% – A Microsoft Survey

If your organization classifies as SMB (Small and medium businesses), we have a great news for you. A recent survey by Microsoft India claims that you SMBs can improve your cash flows by up to a whopping 308% if you adopt Cloud Technology! That’s something you can’t ignore.

Microsoft Survey on SMBs for Cloud

The survey was conducted among 275 SMBs across 11 cities in India and measured the social and economic impact of using Cloud Services. And the result, organizations in the SMB segment could improve their changes of better market access and profitability by over 3 times with effective use of Cloud Services.

The survey unfolded many interesting insights and the data shows that effective use of Cloud Services leads to increase in market reach, leverage in productivity of employees, improvement in operational processes, positive change in overall work-life balance. These are all the direct impact of increased Cloud usage.

Other Interesting insights of the SMB Survey

Here are some interesting facts that the survey brought up.

  • SMB CEO’s says that Cloud Technology allows them to better control their business and people management.
  • Within 2 years, more than 75% of SMBs adopting cloud sees an improvement in different metrics
  • Drastic reduction in operating expenses
  • Improvement in Cash Flow (up to 308% owing to the dexterity and flexibility that is enabled by Cloud usage).
  • 96% if SMBs adopting cloud will reduce on their operating expenses which will remain stable with time

Other Key areas of improvement

Security of data, business continuity, disaster recovery and recovery management are the other key areas that SMBs see improvements. 86% of SMBs believe that effective use of Cloud services as a secure platform to store their confidential information and lessen the risk of loss or theft.

And close to 94% of SMBs said that they had an increase in number of skilled employees and with much less investment compared to before. All this happened within two years of effective cloud usage it seems. They are able to retain their workers effectively, as the SMBs are willing to invest in training, upskilling and personal development of their workforce.

The study also says that the Information Technology, Retail, Health, Education and Hospitality sectors adopted to the cloud much earlier and are reaping the benefits already. The Manufacturing SMB space is lagging as of now, but if they adopt Cloud services now they are to see their benefits within two years, concluded the survey.

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