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How Email notification works in Microsoft Planner?Part II

Disclaimer: The contents mentioned in this article below describes the current functionality of Microsoft Office 365 Planner and may or may not change in the mere future.

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Hope you enjoyed our first article on how email notifications work in Planner. Here let us discuss the other 3 criteria we mentioned in the first blog.

4. When any plan member adds a comment to a task that you’ve commented on:

So, every time a comment is made by a plan member on a task that you’ve commented on then you would get a notification for that as well.

Email notification for a comment in Office 365 group:

Office365 Group.png

Email notification for a comment in personal inbox:

Email Notification Personal Inbox.png

Note: You can reply to the comment from the Office 365 group conversations /personal inbox itself, but it wouldn’t be reflecting as a comment inside the Plan.

5. When the owner of a plan has turned on task activity notifications in a plan that you’re a member:

This option is something that I’ve explained before, where you as an owner of a plan can go to Edit Plan & Check the Send notifications about task assignment and task completion to the Plan’s conversation feedĀ as shown in the image below to receive email notifications.

Note:  This won’t be checked by default.

Microsoft Planner Notifications.png

6.When you have checked the Subscribe new members to notifications email option while creating a Plan:

As shown in the image below, you would be get an option which says Subscribe new members to notifications emails”  while creating a plan as shown in the image below.


At the moment this functionality of this feature is not yet functional and hence enabling it will not have any difference. However, the main reason why this feature is visible is because of the upcoming changes that will be implemented in Planner.

This feature will automatically subscribe every new member to the notification emails – basically, they would not need to go and manually “Follow the plan” as I described above. It will already be set as following by default.

If you still want to use this feature, you can do so from the Office 365 Admin centre, by doing the following steps:

1. Create the plan in Planner

2. Do not add any members just yet

3. Navigate to Office 365 Admin Centre -> Groups -> select the Office 365 Group (Plan) that you’ve created -> click Edit in the top right corner -> and set the “Send copies of group conversations and events to group members inboxes.” to <ON>

4. Once done, you will see the following changes:


5. If you go back to Planner and start adding new members to the Plan, they will already have the “follow plan in inbox” feature set.

Note: Keep in mind that you will still need to have the Notifications set ON from the (i.e. Plan -> Edit plan):

Notification & Subscriptions.png

Note: The catch here is, you won’t be able to make the above said changes with your Global admin account if you don’t have Exchange Online license assigned to it. If you attempt to do so, you would end up getting the below seen error.

Office365 Group-1.png

Also, please be informed that if you’re doing this modification in an Office 365 group which is tied to a Team in Microsoft Teams then there’s no situation where Teams sends a notification to the Office 365 group. It only has notifications within teams, which can be configured in various ways, but none of them goes to the Office 365 group mailbox and this has already been tested

There might be changes in the future (not documented anywhere just yet) but as of now, there is none.

Also, as you probably know there is a “follow this channel” feature available within teams. This feature is not changed by the “subscribe” checkbox from Office 365 admin center.

Thanks for reading this post. Good luck with Microsoft Planner!!!

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