Why you should Clean up OneDrive syncing for better collaboration

File Synchronization is one of the benefits of using SharePoint to collaborate on documents and other important tasks. Any change done on a device will be propagated to the cloud and you would see those changes in any device you connect with. OneDrive has more than one version because of which unnecessary confusion may occur. The OneDrive and One Drive for Business! Due to the confusion, Microsoft has decided to remove some of the software by consolidating into one version.

Let us now transition multiple OneDrive instances to an unified single version of the Drive. Either of the versions can be used for the process, handling both Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive and OneDrive for business will lead to more confusion.

The Steps are detailed with sample screenshots.

onedrive icon represtation.png

Fig: The Above image represents the presence of both the OneDrive.

  • OneDrive will be enough to work. Uninstalling is not that much simple.
  • Check out the instructions to remove the OneDrive for Business from Your Machine

OneDrive for Office 365:

Use online version of SharePoint for easiest way to login, Select the folder that has to be sync and then click sync button. Update the OneDrive software before using for betterment of the experience. Verify the documents before uploading after which install unwanted OneDrive software from device.

display of unistall button.png

The uninstall button will get displayed if your device is running with two software as shown in above figure.

Even changing the name of old OneDrive app will cause error. So use Group policy editor to reestablish the correct OneDrive parameters.

Open command prompt and type gpedit.mscGroup Editor will be opened then navigate to entry where you could be able to see the displayed image.

onedrive storage.png

Double Click the option prevent the usage of OneDrive for file storage to get below displayed image.
prevent the usage-1.png

Now click enable option then reboot your device after the completion there should be any OneDrive application running not even icon will be displayed. 

After completing the above mentioned process there wasn’t any issues in syncing the documents, SharePoint was very responsive. Even you might notice a slight improvement in your machine’s performance.

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