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4 Strategies with Office 365 to foster Workspace Collaboration

Ernst & Young conducted a fascinating study on ‘Work-Life Challenges across generations’. The study unfolded quite many interesting facts. It was found that ‘a work environment that does not encourage teamwork’ as one of the top 5 reasons why people quit their jobs. Maybe the survey respondents are not used to Office 365 yet huh? Jokes apart, but the point is that employees hate workplaces that don't encourage teamwork.
Okay, how will Office 365 help?
A Harvard Business Review says that close to 80% of employees’ time is spent on collaborative activities like meetings, calls etc. Office 365 has everything that is required for work collaboration, and much more. Let us dive deep and see what Office 365 offers to ‘encourage teamwork’.

Teams – Tools – Access

Setting up of Teams, Tools & Access permissions is the most demanding job. If you should kick start on a new project suddenly, things get even worse. But, not the case if you have Office 365. Most of the employees’ time is wasted in searching for documents, tools, contacts, conversation history etc. What if you have instant access to everything you need with Office 365? Microsoft Teams, OneNote, Planner all comes to your rescue. With built-in access to SharePoint, Teams & Tools are just a few clicks away. Office 365 offers a chat-based that everyone can access.

SharePoint Intranet Software

Socialise with Yammer

Yammer is the ultimate social network for work. It was called the ‘Facebook for business’ until it got acquired by Microsoft. Yammer has everything to make official communications easy. The spontaneous communication it facilitates among employees helps the organisation sparkle with innovative ideas. You never should work in silos anymore. Yammer brings in the conversational nature of social networks to work. Now you can share best practices, discuss ideas across your coworkers around the globe. With Yammer, you can now

  • Foster open discussions with the group feed
  • Tap into collective knowledge with search and discovery
  • Crowdsource ideas and share best practices across the organisation
  • Get the pulse of your company using polls, praise and follows

Yammer can enhance teamwork within your Office 365 environment with easy means to share and locate files instantly.

Efficient Meetings – On Any Device

Most probably, you would have faced a lot of hiccups scheduling and organising a meeting. How many times did you face issues with poor connection, attendees unable to join, your screen not visible to everybody? Most likely you faced such interruptions and delays quite often. This kind of inefficient meetings will only discourage team members from working together. With the workforce that is increasingly going remote, uninterrupted and hassle-free meetings are absolutely necessary. Skype for Business that comes with Office 365 allows you to communicate via Shared Screens, Voice, Chat, Video calls and even share content. Skype is a single application that will perfectly blend with the rest of your productivity software. You can make meetings a breeze from any device, be it mobile, tab, laptop or PC.

Cloud-based File collaboration

When it comes to the traditional way of file maintenance, versioning becomes difficult. (unless you have specific tools to handle version control). Without a proper version control in place, you end up with multiple versions of the same document. Think what will happen if multiple users are working on the same document. It takes a lot of to-and-fro mails with latest revisions made by them and integrating a final document is too hard that way.

Cloud-based file collaboration makes everything easy. A file present in OneDrive for business within your Office 365 is accessible to the entire team is always up-to-date with all revisions captured. Team members can co-author on one central file. In case you need to access an old version of the file, you can always revert to the earlier versions automatically saved in the cloud. How easy is that?

Cloud-based file collaboration of Office 365 enables you to

  • Access documents anywhere, whether online or offline.
  • Collaborate in a single document that’s always up to date.
  • Use built-in chat functionality to discuss edits within a document.
  • Control permissions of contacts inside and outside the company.

That is not the end. We have a lot more tools that you can strategize to enable better workplace communication and foster teamwork. But this is a fair introduction to what Office 365 has. Most probably, you might have faced the above issues in your team. It is time to evaluate the Office 365 tools we discussed and how they can help solve those issues more effectively. At the end of your evaluation, you will certainly agree that Office 365 is the right solution for your business.

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