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Microsoft Project is a monster now with an ability to hold 30,000 projects online!

Microsoft Project Team has been releasing some cool updates to Microsoft Office Project for well over the past 6 months. If you are quite familiar with Office 365 and Microsoft Project, you would know that Microsoft Project Online only supported up to 5000 projects. Not, it has grown almost six-fold in its capacity. Yes, it now supports a whopping 30,000 projects!

Microsoft Office users have been looking for this feature for quite some time. To scale up through Project Online to have enough space and flexibility. Now you can handle up to 30,000 unique projects in the cloud with ease.

Other Improvements to Microsoft Project

Microsoft has not just increased the number of projects it can support. This update has come up with lot more improvements to Microsoft’s Project Management tool. With these performance improvements, now one can manage and retrieve project information much faster than before.

More Project Sites

Microsoft Project had an option called ‘Project Sites’, sometimes referred to as ‘Sub Sites’ or ‘Collaboration Sites’. Prior to this recent April 2017 update, Microsoft had a limitation of 2000 Project Sites. In case, if there is a need for more Project Sites, the only option is to split them into multiple Project Web App sites. This kind of a workaround is sure to impact productivity. But, not anymore.

Microsoft has now made it a 1-1 relationship between Projects & Project Sites. i.e. If you want to create 10,000 Projects, now you can create 10,000 Project Sites too! (Remember, Microsoft Project now can create up to 30,000 projects!)

The below image illustrates how you can create Projects & Project Sites among different departments. You could also host all 30,000 projects in a single place.

Microsoft Project

Image Courtesy: Office Blog

Improvements to Project Centre Data

If Project can hold 30,000 projects, what does that mean? It means more data. Project Online calculates aggregate information every time you visit the Project Centre. If you have more projects, will that not slow down the system? Microsoft has fixed the issue by providing an option to disable roll-up groups and Gantt charts. This will help to bring the project data much faster. The custom filtering feature is also improved to help us quickly find the project data we are looking for.

Microsoft is sure working hard to make Office 365 experience a breeze. With constant updates and new features, Microsoft Office is getting better and better. It looks like Microsoft is implementing most of the features its users are asking for through their UserVoice channel. You can check Microsoft PPM (Project & Portfolio Management) official site for more updates on Microsoft Project.

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