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What you can expect from Hubfly in 2018?

2017 is gone forever in a few more days. This year has been really great for Hubfly with lots of...

Arut Selvan
25th Dec 2017

Friday Learning – Evolution of Database

This is my first session as part of Hubfly Lunch & Learn. Though I have been into SharePoint...

Packiaraj Santhiyagu
22th Dec 2017

A Walkthrough of Hubfly Foundry QA App

If you have happened to visit a foundry, you might be aware that they make raw castings in...

Jayakumar Balasubramaniam
20th Dec 2017

What are the Top 5 enterprise challenges SharePoint can solve?

We are in a world where Social Media has been influencing our lives. However only recently...

Tamilarasan Kulandaisamy
18th Dec 2017

Friday Learning – HTML 5 & CSS 3

Today I got a chance to take our team through the evolution of Intranet and how HTML evolved...

Ravin Thangaraj
15th Dec 2017

7 Things to check in any SharePoint 'Intranet-in-a-Box'

Though SharePoint is there for over a decade, only recently it got evolved as a full-blown...

Salmanul Farish
14th Dec 2017

5 benefits of Intranet ‘as a service’ and why it will be the future

More and more businesses are now opting for ‘as a service’ model. That is how they can fulfil...

Suprej Venkat
13th Dec 2017

Accelerate your Intranet as a Service with Hubfly

Leaders in IT have long recognized SharePoint as a de-facto tool for building Intranets of the...

Suresh Kumar
11th Dec 2017

Friday Learning - Testing Processes & Methodologies

This Friday’s session was about Software Testing Processes & Methodologies. This was my first...

9th Dec 2017

How to Create Leave Request workflow in SharePoint | Hubfly

Every organization big or small, would need an application to handle employee absence...

Salmanul Farish
8th Dec 2017