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How to Enable Multi-Master Support on Azure Cosmos DB

Cosmos DB is buzz word in distributed system world because of its multi modelmulti-master,...

Packiaraj Santhiyagu
25th Oct 2018

How to Authenticate SharePoint & Office 365 from Ionic 3 Mobile App

Ionic is an open source framework. It is the most popular cross platform mobile app framework....

24th Oct 2018

Intranet for Small Business – the Essentials and Need

Intranets are no more the citadel of big business with wads of money to flash. It has become...

Nandha Kumar
11th Oct 2018

Hubfly, the Quintessential Small Business Intranet

Intranet used to be an exclusive asset that only big businesses once enjoyed, but not now. ...

Nandha Kumar
9th Oct 2018

Create SharePoint flow for Outlook mail and save attachments into a SharePoint Library

Microsoft flow helps to automate lot of our day to day activity and keep things simple and easy. 

5th Oct 2018

How to Register IoT Device in Azure IoT Hub Using PowerShell

In this article, we are going to see how to add IoT device in azure IoT Hub using Azure...

4th Oct 2018

Enabling Multilingual/Localization in SharePoint Framework applications

Localization plays key role in every product to engage all type of customers. SharePoint has...

Jayakumar Balasubramaniam
28th Sep 2018

How to Create Azure IoT Hub Using Azure PowerShell

In this article we will create an Azure IoT Hub using Azure PowerShell cmdlets. IoT Hub is used...

25th Sep 2018

Intranets – Your Tool for Getting Employees Fully Engaged

Intranets are not just tools that you use to share documents. These are jobs that can be done in...

Nandha Kumar
24th Sep 2018

Create SharePoint modern team site using site scripts and site designs

We know that some of the widely used features of SharePoint on-premises does not exists in the...

Arut Selvan
20th Sep 2018