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How to enable multilingual support in Angular4 using ‘ng-translate’

Google has released Angular 4, a major release after a long time. It is backward compatible with...

Jayakumar Balasubramaniam
9th May 2017

Microsoft To-Do preview released. Bid-adieu Wunderlist!

Microsoft released a preview of its new task management app Microsoft To-Do few days back. This...

Salmanul Farish
28th Apr 2017

How to login SharePoint on your Android App

Having a SharePoint Mobile app is like having your Intranet in the pocket. So, there are quite...

Hari Murugesan
27th Apr 2017

5 Best SEO Practices for SharePoint sites

You may have a stunning website, but if that doesn’t rank for competitive keywords your business...

Salmanul Farish
25th Apr 2017

4 Strategies with Office 365 to foster Workspace Collaboration

Ernst & Young conducted a fascinating study on ‘Work-Life Challenges across generations’. The...

Salmanul Farish
17th Apr 2017

Office 365 April 2017 updates. What’s New?

Microsoft has released a lot of cool new features as updates for its Office 365 Business premium...

11th Apr 2017

Migrating to SharePoint Online? Get this ULTIMATE checklist ready!


Arut Selvan
6th Apr 2017

SharePoint Online vs SharePoint On-Premises vs Hybrid. A quick overview!

If you are prepared to implement SharePoint, you might have heard of these terminologies...

Jansi Sivasankar
30th Mar 2017

10 benefits of SharePoint Online + Office 365 that will improve your Organization Effectiveness [The Ultimate List]

SharePoint with Office 365 has already revolutionized the way corporates operate. Needless to...

Salmanul Farish
27th Mar 2017

12 Hubfly Business Productivity Apps that will enrich your SharePoint experience

With the release of Microsoft SharePoint Intranet 2016, corporate intranets have now become more...

Packiaraj Santhiyagu
15th Mar 2017