5 Ways to go Paperless with Office 365 & SharePoint

More and more offices are going green. The eco-friendly benefits that a paperless office provides is great, but that is a discussion for another post. In this article, let us discuss how effective and productive your office can get by going paperless. Also, we will discuss how SharePoint helps offices to go truly digital – completely paperless – by automating all your content management jobs in no time.

Traditional offices that still run on paper based forms are for sure not efficient. They create redundant layers of content mess and slows down all the business processes that demand one or other kind of content for its operations. The solution: Go Paperless and automate your business processes with simple Workflow Management systems.

Okay, let us now discuss how SharePoint can help you eliminate all paperwork and go completely digital.

SharePoint Approval Workflow Forms

The journey of a paper based document is long and tiresome. It can travel up and down between your office floors, to various departments and across the desk of approvers. If for some reasons, it is held up you might need to make a couple of phone calls, write emails to even identify where the form is now. Building a SharePoint Workflow Approval forms will eliminate all this mess. Now you can define the entire flow, including reminders, approval status etc. that can be tracked in minutes. Paper based process that will take weeks could be completed within a few hours. You could easily replicate your workflows to different processes (with minor changes).

SharePoint Intranet Software

SharePoint Office Document Assembly

With Office 365 integration, you could develop libraries of common asset types and easily assemble all deliverables that can be sent to the approvers. For instance, you could have spreadsheets, powerpoint presentations, text files all merged together and sent combinedly within the Approval Workflow and get instant sign off for the assembled document from the approvers.

SharePoint Document Library

Searching for paper based files across your file cabinet or even searching your mailbox can get you frustrated, especially when you are looking for documents prepared years ago. But SharePoint comes up with enterprise search capabilities that lets you search any document in seconds. Easily find your files, edit and share to the right people in no time. Why still operate the old school way?

Office 365 Document Collaboration

Document collaboration involves contribution from multiple authors/editors. In some cases, it even requires sharing documents with customers or partners that are outside of your organization. The traditional approach is taking multiple printout copies and merging manually back all the changes into a single file. SharePoint & Office 365 allows effective file collaboration that can be shared both internally and externally. When your recipient too has Office 365 it makes it even easier to work with the shared documents directly providing feedback/changes. With Office 365 document collaboration, everything happens easily eliminating all the paperwork in the process.

SharePoint Onboarding

When it comes to the hiring process, it typically requires lots of forms to be filled that contains sensitive data. With ability to merge documents, (see: collaboration above) acquiring digital signatures and so on, the entire onboarding process can be easily automated with SharePoint. All the documents/forms/company policies etc. can be stored in an exclusive library and routed via an automated Workflow eliminating the need for a paper based process. You also get rid of any data entry errors or missing an essential step in the process.

Hubfly Digital Workplace, built on top of SharePoint is one such solution that has Workflow Forms and Business Productivity Apps inbuilt. Hubfly harnesses the potential of Office 365 & SharePoint to help your business run more effectively than ever. You could offer a free trial here. However, if you’re running Office 365 you have the option to build workflows on SharePoint yourself. Explore both the options and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Hope this article gave you some insights on how you can use Office 365 & SharePoint to your benefit. Don’t be shy to post your questions. We would be more than happy to assist you with any of your SharePoint / Office 365 queries.

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