Recently more and more organizations have started to embrace SharePoint intranet for the robust features it offers. Also, as Digital Workplace is going to be the future, SharePoint will only get more popular in the coming days. But there are lots of misconceptions about SharePoint implementations. This article will bust the most common 6 Myths about SharePoint implementation.

1. SharePoint is just a place to store files

Most people think so, but that is not true. Since SharePoint had a lot of focus to Content Management when it was first released, people got this perception.

SharePoint offers new document libraries that has better experience and better ways to store digital content on cloud. Now, it has even video support with content preview and advanced search functionalities. It also makes use of Delve to show personal recommendations based on your browsing behavior.

2. SharePoint is the only collaboration platform

Again, you would agree this is not true! Now, we have more collaboration tools within the SharePoint platform. With the launch of new Microsoft products and services, the platform has become modern.

The new SharePoint has transformed the way people interact with content. They not only can store their content in OneDrive cloud, but also communicate using Microsoft Teams and Skype to collaborate real-time with audio and video messages that are instant.

3. SharePoint is very complicated

It is true that SharePoint deployment requires complex infrastructure requirements and lot of servers for the SharePoint farms and specialized skillset are required to run and manage SharePoint. But that doesn’t mean that you have to take care of everything. SharePoint might be complicated to you, but not to the SharePoint experts.

SharePoint Intranet Software

You could always outsource the deployment and get a couple of your own resources to get trained for basic customizations. The new service capabilities help to simplify the customization of SharePoint. That is enabling more new business to adopt to SharePoint with an affordable cost.

4. SharePoint customizations are hard for Business users

Yes business users found that hard, but not after the release of PowerApps. Prior to Microsoft releasing PowerApps, business users could only make few minor changes to SharePoint and leave the tougher stuff to SharePoint admins and Developers. Only they had the competency to design workflow automation or create new custom forms to collect data.

Thanks to PowerApps! Now, business users can very much create their own SharePoint forms, Mobile Apps. With Microsoft Flow, they will be able to create advanced workflow automations without any hassle. Isn’t that cool?

5. Content retrieval will be tricky

Again, this holds true only before Microsoft offering enterprise search features. Regardless of your employee size and the number of O365 licenses you have Microsoft offers this feature to everybody. When you can provide the same set of search features,

your users will get a consistent experience for all. Microsoft also leveraged advanced machine learning to serve the required content to users based on the documents the peers have frequently accessed. Another interesting development is the search results preview which enables you to preview a file without opening them out of your browser.

6. SharePoint custom solutions are limited

Now, there are lot of vendors offering SharePoint intranet solutions with custom apps. Also, we have an AppSource repository by Microsoft where vendors can showcase their SharePoint apps. This portal currently has 1219 apps only for SharePoint alone! Some are even free,

while you can get a trial version for most of the apps. Getting SharePoint custom solutions are now that easy. We at Hubfly too offer Digital Intranet built on top of SharePoint powered by Business Productivity Apps and Workflowsolutions. You could ask for a no-obligation free trial if you’re interested.