How to Publish SharePoint add-in to Office Store

If you want your SharePoint add-in to appear in SharePoint Store, you need to submit it to the Seller Dashboard for approval. You can add and save your submission as a draft in your Seller Dashboard account until you’re ready to submit it for approval.


 Familiarize yourself with the AppSource validation policies
 Seller dashboard account
 Add-in file in .app format
 App logo
 App screenshots specific to supported languages


This section lists the steps involved in submitting your SharePoint add-in in the Seller Dashboard.

Intranet as service

Add a new app

On the overview page, click on Add a new app button

Listing Type

On the listing type page, select SharePoint add-in and click next


Upload Package

On the overview page, provide the mandatory field details as shown below and click next

Language Details 

On the details page, select the necessary languages and provide the mandatory field details as shown below and click next

Block Access 

If you want to prevent the app purchases, select the countries / regions

Lead Management 

To get information about users who acquire your add-in, you can submit lead configuration details for your customer relationship management (CRM) system in the Seller Dashboard.

Pricing Model

Choose the pricing model fits your need

Save as Draft or Submit 

On your summary page, select EDIT DRAFT and make your changes. Select SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL. After your seller account is approved, you can submit your add-in to the Seller Dashboard. You can make changes at any point before you submit for approval, but during the approval process, you won’t be able to make any changes.

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