Microsoft’s SharePoint, to be specific the SharePoint Online via Office 365 has expanded its user base already. At the time of this writing, more than 60% of SharePoint instances have gone online.

Also, the growth of SharePoint is estimated to be 90%. Over the last one year alone, 10 million sites have been created newly. This demonstrates how much of value customers are getting with SharePoint online powered by cloud.The future of SharePoint is bright.

Even at this exponential growth, Microsoft seems to have solid plans for the future of SharePoint. SharePoint Server 2019 is already in the news, announced at Microsoft Virtual Summit 2017.

The new SharePoint features that will show more ways to improve productivity of your workforce.

The biggest additions to SharePoint: SharePoint communication sites.

What are SharePoint Communication Sites?

Communication sites will provide users with a dedicated site so that they can display their content, modern and fresh looking. In Microsoft’s terms, it is the next step toward ushering in the next generation of Intranets. SharePoint sites deliver intranet sites fast and mobile friendly. SharePoint Server 2019 will have great features with respect to Communication sites & Team sites.

SharePoint communication sites allows users to share content, news and interact with anyone across the length and breadth of the organization. Any updates or news published will surface all across Office 365 and on your SharePoint mobile app.

As the new Communication sites are dynamic-styled web pages, they look great in all your devices, your PC, Mac, Tab or Phone. With that being said, it is not a complex task to create a communication site.

With easy drag and drop functionality building new site saves you a lot of time and also eliminates SharePoint expertise and development time.

If you would like to dig further, Andy Haon walks you through everything users will be able to accomplish with SharePoint Communication sites. Here is the video.

Seeing what Microsoft is doing, we can assure that it is modernizing the look and feel of SharePoint content & knowledge sharing sites. SharePoint has for long been criticized for its old-school looks and Microsoft is trying to break that by making it more appealing visually and functionally too.

Visual Collaboration made better

Microsoft has used Skype for business to support audio and video calls including screen sharing. Now, Microsoft Teams will ensure those capabilities are native to the application. Teams offers users the ability to start video or audio chats from the platform with the capacity to archive the session alongside the content for future reference.

Intelligent Bot Services

The AI powered bot services make a unique differentiator for the Intranet by offering new capabilities for end users. Bots can help initiate workflows, trigger specific events or simply use the bot to fetch the information you need. Microsoft might consider implementing bots in its future implementations.

Microsoft quite often releases new updates and features to SharePoint & Office 365 in an attempt to make it the de-facto standard for Digital Workplaces. Let us wait to see what SharePoint Server 2019 offers. Sure, it would have some jaw dropping developments.