New Updates for the SharePoint Mobile app

SharePoint app for Android and iOS has been around for quite some time already. This app is often dubbed as intranet in your pocket and those who are running on SharePoint / Office365 probably might agree with this fact. Microsoft keeps on consistently improving the capabilities and user experience based on the feedback from its user base.

The recent update of the App gives you access to the new releases that Microsoft has released like Hub Sites, Team Sites etc. The latest version allows you to keep you informed with the comments from news articles that are published. You can always stay updated on every happening in your organization.

Navigate SharePoint Hub Sites on your Mobile

Microsoft released SharePoint Hub Sites somewhere around March this year, and now even before end of April SharePoint mobile app has been updated with full access to Hub Sites and all its associated sites through your mobile. Surely, a sign that Microsoft is serious on improvising SharePoint features. You will now get full cross-site navigation, have a view of the aggregated activities, news, files and lists etc. Hub Sites can help you stay organized.

Navigate SharePoint Hub Sites on your MobileCross-site navigation of a SharePoint hub site (left), and Teams site (on the right).

Team Site Homepages access

Now, in your mobile app, all the content, web parts, layout choices show up like any page or news when viewed on smaller devices. The SharePoint mobile app for Android, you can access your activity, news, files etc. from within a new team site navigation menu. Both the mobile and web are more fluid and easier for you to work across both the systems.

Notification alerts for comments

Whenever you get a comment on your news article you get a notification on your mobile app. That makes it easy and lively for you to take part in the discussion. A real engagement that could improve workplace effectiveness.

Comment Notifications on your mobile.

Comment Notifications on your mobile.

Tab Layout for Android.

It is often the case that Android mobile apps doesn’t stretch to accommodate for a Tab screen. Microsoft has a new App for Android tab layout. You will now be able to see your personalized news, sites, links, people etc. at the bottom of your screen making it easy for you to access any of those whenever you need them.

Summary of SharePoint mobile updates

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What we have discussed above are the most recent additions to the SharePoint mobile apps. If you are following every update closely, you might appreciate the fact that Microsoft is consistently bringing in new features and refining the overall mobile user experience to the next level. Hope we will get every new SharePoint feature transformed to the mobile platform too.

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