SharePoint Intranet in a Box for Enhancing Office Productivity

SharePoint Intranet in a box is a great solution for improving office productivity, but still has a long way to go before it is made totally user friendly. Hubfly Intranet seeks to bridge the learning gap involved in mastering SharePoint. The biggest advantage of Hubfly is its UI (user interface) that can be customized without any knowledge of SharePoint.  

The net result of Hubfly Intranet is that it provides a seamless environment for communication by reducing the time employees consume for answering emails. Furthermore, users will get a unique experience in which they will not even know that behind our intranet are many apps. It is a perfect integration of multiple apps working in unison to give an unforgettable experience. Deploying Hubfly is a child’s play and can be done in just a few hours.  

Roadmap for a Digital Workplace with SharePoint Intranet in a Box  

Three years earlier from today, choosing an intranet for your business was a fairly simple job. At that time, online intranet as a service was still in its nascent stage and only big businesses could afford an on-premises intranet for their offices. Small and medium businesses simply stood by the kerb and watched the big advantages that their big brothers enjoyed.

Things have changed with the advent of cloud-based intranet, it is now affordable for SMEs and cheaper than before for large enterprises. It is now a level playing field, and more importantly, it has encouraged many information technology companies to offer ready-to-go intranet solutions that are easy and simple to deploy.  

Intranet is Indispensable 

Working in a modern office has become a complex process all over the world and at its helm is the communication system. As businesses start to expand and explore new geographical locations for higher market share, the need to seamlessly connect offices across the world too has risen.

In current settings, offices can no longer afford to wait endlessly to receive or send documents, exchange information, keep employees informed and work on new ideas that will help businesses to get ahead of competitors. It is a dog eat dog world in which lethargy has no place. The magic to success is collaboration in the workplace; not just a workplace but a digital workplace where things move at lightning speed virtually.  

Create a central repository for documents and increase productivity 

When you have a central repository for documents, it becomes that much easier to trace and locate documents. This eliminates the need to pour over hundreds of files that may be physically located at multiple places.

Improve employee productivity: Employee productivity is important in today’s context. The more they produce, the lesser it costs the organization in terms of salaries and wages. It is also a wonderful way to keep employees away from stressful work.  

Create a Seamless Communication System and Save Money & Time 

The modern online intranet is multi-device capable, meaning, your employee is able to stay connected even when he/she is not sitting before a computer. Not just that; your employees can switch from device to device at will. It can be a phone and sometimes a tab or the PC even.

Time is an important factor in a modern office and when your employees are able to do more in less time, it saves your business from hiring more people to get the same volume of work done. Intranets save money.  

Experience the Advantages: Centralized Publishing and Broadcasting 

Keeping your employees updated is a critical function. Intranets can do this seamlessly. You can keep your employees knowledgeable so that they are able speak for your products and services round the clock.


We know that projects can be really complex and involve scores of people within your organization. Intranet is a central repository where individuals can work simultaneously. It helps to exchange ideas and keep everyone updated instantly. It helps to avoid work duplication.  

Promote a Unique Corporate Culture 

Promote a common corporate culture: A single corporate culture is important for efficient functioning of any organization. It creates a brand image that customers will appreciate. Keeping all stakeholders informed in any organization is important and more importantly it must be done on a real time basis. This is intranets can do, because it is digital and information flow is almost instant.  

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Newer Ways to Engaging Employees 

Engaging an employee is important and keeping him/her interested is more important. A well engaged employee is the key to winning his loyalty. When employees are properly engaged, the net result is that attrition rates go down. It can help the organization to save money on training new employees.  

Intranet Options 

Intranets can be defined in many different ways and broadly they fall into one of these two categories on-premises or cloud-based intranet. On-premises intranet is the earlier of the two while the cloud based is the latest. Though both have their own advantages and disadvantages, at the end it is the cloud-based intranet that wins, and not without reasons.  

The advantages are:  

1. It is scalable. The advantage with scalable intranet is that you can choose to start small and grow it as your organizations need grow. Typically, micro organizations can start with five or fewer users and scale up to 1,000 or even beyond without having to worrying about the hardware or software compatibility. The more importantly, you can scale up (or down) at short notice. Believe, it can be done in a few minutes. This is something that you can never think about in an on-premises intranet.

2. It is cost effective. On-premises intranets are economical only if you have large numbers of users so that the cost of installing and running the infrastructure can be distributed to more users to bring down the per-user cost. Cloud-based intranets are radically different you don’t have to invest in creating the infrastructure nor the software. The cloud intranet service provider will do this for you, and not just this either; they will also give you a bouquet of applications that most SMEs will find adequate.  

3. It is seamlessly accessible across the world. One of the major impediments of the on-premises intranet is that it comes with geographical limitations. The cloud-based intranet is a different stuff altogether being cloud based. With an internet connection, users can access it anywhere and more importantly on wireless devices as well. This is a big advantage when your business is located in multiple zones and your employees access the intranet with different devices. Remember that cloud-based intranet is an OS-independent solution and supports almost all operating systems.  

4. Quicker to roll out. On-premises intranets take time to plan, decide the configuration, choose the apps and finally deploy and test it before it is finally made operational. Consider this with cloud-based intranets they are already up and running, have a plethora of apps on offer and have a firm pricing option to choose. Cloud-based intranets take little time to deploy they are simply a get-set-go type of arrangement order services and begin to use; straight and simple as this.

5. Free from worries. Maintaining an on-premises intranet can be a really daunting task you have to hire IT professionals and engineers, buy software licenses (and get periodical updates), monitor the hardware ecosystem and ensure that the network is clean, up and running round the clock. None of these headaches are yours when you choose the cloud-based intranet because everything is taken care by the service provider.  

6. Data is safe; always. Hardware is generally prone to breakdowns and so is your on-premises intranet infrastructure. By this we are not saying that the data centres of cloud-intranets will never breakdown or malfunction; what we say is that your cloud intranet provider will back up your data in multiple servers under stringent security protocol that not even the worst natural calamity can destroy it.  

About SharePoint Intranet in a Box 

Businesses prefer SharePoint Intranet because of its SharePoint in a box approach to make it available across a wide spectrum of users. Here is why:  

SharePoint in a box has most features that modern offices want and is further closely integrated with Office 365. This means you don’t have to build apps from scratch and run a big bill on upgrades. Support is good and available round the clock.  

SharePoint in a box is flexible and amenable to customization. This means you can configure SharePoint to your specific need by keep in what you need and out what you don’t. However, you will need the help of an expert to configure it properly and migrate all your documents and IT assets to the cloud.  

SharePoint online intranet in a box solution is available from vendors like Hubfly that make it a cakewalk for businesses that want to transit to the cloud.  

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SharePoint in a box – shortcomings 

Customization is a bit difficult to achieve and may require expertise not available within your office. If you do not provide the right customization the interface may look skewed and users may find it difficult to use. Overall implementing developing an interface can be frustrating and hard to achieve. It is not uncommon for businesses to employ experts and run a huge bill on developing the appropriate UI/UX. A friendly UI is at the heart of customization, but the good news is that Hubfly Intranet can provide ready to go intranet solutions that is easy to deploy and set it motion. Typically, Hubfly Intranet takes less than a few hours to deploy.  

Why use Hubfly Intranet? 

Hubfly Intranet was developed to take the difficult part out of SharePoint out of the box intranet and make it readily deployable. It is intended to make it the best intranet software for small business as well as for bigger enterprises that want a cost-effective solution for their intranet needs.  

Customers prefer Hubfly because it enhances SharePoint online intranet with an interface that is intuitive and easily navigable. Hubfly Intranet sports features that SharePoint does not deliver. You will especially love the low learning curve involved in mastering the use of our intranet.  

Here are some of the top features that make it exclusive.  

1. Give your interface a unique look. Drag and drop makes this possible and you can do it without any expert SharePoint knowledge.  
2. Try Hubfly Intranet before you buy.  
3. Highly competitive pricing and transparent pricing.  
4. Choose your own colour scheme that your employees will love.  
5. Discuss ideas and start a debate on it.  
6. Save and store organization documents and retrieve in seconds.  
7. Form multiple communities within organization.  
8. Multi-channel product support.  
9. For a full list of features and how to use it, click here.  

One of the salient features of Hubfly Intranet is that you can try it before you order. There are two basic plans First-year Free Plan and Enterprises Plan 

The first-year-free plan has a few features disabled but is still sufficiently endowed with enough features to make it useful. Under the Enterprise Plan, you tell us the number of users you want to include and any customization you require. Based on your options, we will quote a competitive price. Primarily the price we quote will dependent on the number of users and the time frame for which you are willing to commit to using our services.  

To learn more about Hubfly Intranet for Office 365 and SharePoint integration visit Hubfly.

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