Running a business is a complex process and nothing can be more complex than managing employees, storing stacks of documents, seamlessly connecting people across the enterprise, communicating and maintaining the IT infrastructure spic and span.

Computers and software do provide a semblance of relief, but that is only half story told, because there is still endless more things to do maintain IT assets, ensure seamless flow of information across the enterprise, data security and software updates. All this cost businesses a lot of money, especially maintaining the IT infrastructure. The answer for most of the problems that plague offices is SharePoint-based intranet from Microsoft.

The benefits of SharePoint are simply too many to list out, but as a business manager you will find it as almost a godsent. It has most ingredients than you have imagined that makes it an invaluable asset for running your business efficiently and for cutting costs.

5 Tangible Benefits of SharePoint-based Intranet

You may ask what big tangible benefits it gives your business? Here are 5 big benefits you are missing if you are not already using SharePoint.

1. Bring administration under a single roof. However big your enterprise, SharePoint-based intranet can put the entire IT operation of your business in a single console. Managers can: configure applications, selectively provide access or deny specific services to users, backup & restore data, enhance security and configure SharePoint features. In short, it provides total control at a single point.
2. SharePoint can be customized to your requirements. SharePoint is a highly flexible asset and you can add or disenable features you think you don’t need or shouldn’t be there. Customising will help you to run your business efficiently. Additionally, you can add applications in addition to a suite of programs that come packaged with the SharePoint Intranet.


3. Encourage collaboration among team members. Collaborations encourage employees to smoothen pitfalls that cause project delays. It is whole lot of experience that your employees will simply love communication is simpler, faster, timely and more efficient.

4. Your expenses on security comes down significantly. Since SharePoint is a cloud offering, the security aspect is taken care by Microsoft. You will spend virtually nothing on hardware update or buying security software for example. Yet another bright point is that you don’t have to bother on updating software Microsoft takes care of it.
5. SharePoint intranet is a feature-rich service and not just that you can include a few add-ons to enhance productivity. Here is what is what you get in SharePoint: document and file management, social networking, intranet community and a highly developed search feature.

SharePoint is a highly flexible service and the biggest advantage is you pay for what you use. To enhance your experience and learn more about SharePoint contact Hubfly.