Though Microsoft announced the successor of SharePoint 2016 in the Ignite Conference held last September this year, it hasn’t revealed much about the details. The next big SharePoint release, the SharePoint Server 2019 is on the way though. We can expect a preview to be released somewhere in the mid of 2018.


Though much of the features that are planned for SharePoint 2019 are unknown at this stage, here is a list of changes, updates & new features that you could hopeful expect from the new release. We don’t say that these changes are coming (as there is no official confirmation yet), but these are the ones Microsoft will probably bring in. Atleast, we wish it should!

No more InfoPath, Welcome PowerApps

You might have used InfoPath to create custom forms for lists & libraries. But it was already discontinued by Microsoft as a product, with no replacement. 


Though we can still expect InfoPath to be able to connect to SharePoint 2019, hopefully we can see PowerApps with so me good enhancements. Already developers are using PowerApps to develop great looking mobile apps. This 2019 release could bring PowerApps to build custom forms for SharePoint lists & libraries as well. Not only that we can anticipate some improvements to lists and libraries too. Maybe we could have customizable columns, infinite scrolling etc. But, let’s hold tight and wait! 

Improvements to Hybrid implementations

When Microsoft announced the Hybrid plan, it was seen as a great means for organizations to move only what is required to the cloud and keep the rest on-premises. This could be an intermediate step until the companies are fully ready for the cloud. This seems exciting, but then actual hybrid implementations did not sound that great. They had issues of usability, user acceptance, administration, maintenance etc. This new SharePoint 2019 release could for sure bring in lots of improvements with regards to usability, administration & maintenance to Hybrid architecture.


Improvements on Design Aspects


For quite long time, Microsoft hasn’t concentrated on the UI of SharePoint. However, with introduction of lists and libraries with modern looks, Microsoft began to focus on fresh, modern looks. Especially this is true when it introduced communication sites and hub sites sometime back. SharePoint 2019 will hopefully continue to improve on these design aspects. Microsoft is already putting a lot of effort into communication sites, the communication hub and the appealing new design. SharePoint 2019 may get modern and stunning looks to all its traditional pages. The most complaint people feel about SharePoint is that it looks old-fashioned. So, Microsoft should be doing something great on the design aspects for sure with the anticipated 2019 release.

More Focus on SPFx the SharePoint Framework


The new communication sites that Microsoft rolled out was a tremendous success. This wouldn’t have been possible without the new SharePoint Framework, what is also called the SPFx. This new framework is supposed to replace the traditional JavaScript, jQuery coding that perfectly tailored for SharePoint development requirements. In the SharePoint 2019 release, Microsoft might release new apps and encourage customers to switch from traditional page layouts to the new page layouts. SPFx will soon become the de-facto environment for SharePoint developers.

Well, enough of speculations before Microsoft officially releases a confirmation. We have to wait atleast until mid of 2018 for a preview of SharePoint 2019. And hopefully, Microsoft keeps us excited with the features we discussed here and much more!

What features you think Microsoft will come up with? Or what features you feel that will make SharePoint 2019 great. Let us know in the comments section.