Microsoft SharePoint has become the standard for Communication & Workplace Collaboration with lots of companies embracing SharePoint every single day. SharePoint Intranet helps leverage your productivity and runs your business more effectively than ever. You never have to worry about purchasing external business apps. Why search for them externally when you have everything within SharePoint?

Composite Business Apps within SharePoint

A lot of vendors who offer SharePoint as a Service, bundle quite many business productivity apps aiming to solve a unique problem. Most of those are created adapting the composite business apps and integrating them with your business process. There are two types SharePoint hosted & provider-hosted apps You can choose the one that best suits you.

SharePoint Apps vs External Apps

Composite business apps are those that are integrated with your business process and your LOB (line-of-business) technologies that you might be using including database, web services etc. These composite business apps act as building blocks that you can integrate with the SharePoint add-in model.

Available Business Productivity Apps

We have Trello, Slack etc. for Project Management, different apps for Timesheet, Asset Management that you might have developed or purchased. But if you are running on top of a SharePoint powered Intranet, why look for external apps? Why spend extra? You could manage all your workflow right from your SharePoint dashboard. Hubfly Digital Workplace is one such ready-to-go Intranet powered with Business Productivity Apps that will help your business run more productive than ever.

We are working on something cool called Superforms, using which you can literally automate any paper based process yourself. Build you own workflows without any hassle with our integrated Superforms, which is in beta now. If you would like to have a feel of how our Digital Workplace looks like, you can book a demo here. We have more exciting features including AI bot support etc. which will keep you excited.