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Get rid of those 'ugly' sticky notes with SharePoint Tasks

Most likely you have already seen cubicles full of sticky notes. Often, a hard habit to break. Some would even have different color sticky notes meaning different things to them, or just to ‘decorate’ their bay?If you yourself are a victim of this habit of scribbling sticky notes all over your desk, we have good news. Welcome to SharePoint tasks!

SharePoint Tasks can make you organized

SharePoint Tasks can do much more than what your sticky notes can do. Your paper sticky notes can’t remind you, SharePoint Tasks can remind you on time, you can set recurrences, get notifications and much more.

Even you could assign tasks to a person in your team, tracking the progress of completion and lot more features you could never expect in a sticky note.

If you have SharePoint already in your office and you see some of your peers still using sticky notes all over, show them how to use Tasks.

It is time for them to embrace the change to SharePoint tasks. In this post, let us see how easy the transition to SharePoint tasks will be and the benefits you will gain over time.

Benefits of SharePoint Tasks

SharePoint Tasks List will help manage your own To Dos (one-person tasks) or a Team project tasks. It has more features with added flexibility and scalability which makes Tasks a better sticky notes replacement tool.

Now, Adding tasks, allocating resources to tasks, delegating tasks, tracking completion progress etc. are made easy. Okay, let us see the main features it offers.

Anytime Anywhere Access with SharePoint Tasks

Unlike our traditional sticky notes, SharePoint Tasks can be accessed anytime, anywhere as it resides on cloud. Neither it is location bound, or device bound. You can access and review your tasks from the comfort of your home or anywhere.

More Opti0ns, Great Features!

SharePoint Tasks list overcomes all limitations that a sticky note would have. For instance, you will have options to set due dates, prioritize the tasks by importance, enable delegation of tasks to others in your team, attach required resources that might be needed to complete a task, tracking and follow-up on your task status.

None of these features could be expected from a sticky note. Another great option is the power to collaborate your tasks with your team. You could invite members to participate or help in a task where you are struck or need support.

Integrated with Microsoft Project

Microsoft has brilliantly integrated Tasks with Project. When you have a list that has grown to a level where it can’t be managed within Tasks, you could easily import it to Microsoft Project.

Once your Tasks are synced with Project, every item you updated will be reflected. SharePoint tasks can be used by everyone and Project is often a tool used by Project Managers. Now, it is easy for managers to control different projects from a centralized dashboard.

Even if you are inclined towards sticky notes, you will soon feel how easy and useful it is to use SharePoint Tasks. Especially, when you have a Digital Workplace powered by SharePoint already deployed in your premises, embracing this change is lot easier. And we have shared the benefits already! Tell us what you feel, even if you have valid points on sticking to your sticky notes.


Written by Vimalraj