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How to Create a SharePoint blog step by step

SharePoint is all great for your Digital Workplace. No doubt, but do you know how to publish blogs within SharePoint that gets you more credibility for you as an author? And at the same time give you a platform to share your knowledge to your peers? Well, in today’s post let us cover How to Create a SharePoint blog step by step.This ability for effective internal communication makes SharePoint the best enterprise collaboration software.

Steps for creating Blog sites:

Initially create a subsites based on blog site template.

1. Click setting  Site content  New Subsite

New Subsites.png2. By choosing Blog template fill the details that you would do for subsites.

Title assigning.png

3. Clicking on Create will get you to a page like the one shown below

home page.png

Blog Functions:

4. You do have some features

Blog tools.png


5. When new post created in your blog you can tag it against category which has been maintained by SharePoint list.



6. When a user adds comments to the post they will get populated in another SharePoint List. You can make changes or delete it as required



7. Creating new post is as easy as filling item form on SharePoint List. Instead of save we have a Publish button given.


8. Once you publish, it will be available with categories and comments, even editing and deleting is easy.

Post items.png

Blog Tools:

9. Users also have several layouts options to choose like Basic, Boxed, Inline. This will change texture of the Blog.

Blog options.png

Example for Boxed Layouts below

Boxed layout.png

Example for Inline Layouts below

Inline layout.png

 Page Layout:

10. Just Like other types of sites Layouts can edited in SharePoint blog page and add/Move/Remove web parts and tailor the look.


You can have as many blogs – blogposts – you wish. Your employees would definitely love using SharePoint if they have a platform like this to collaborate with their peers. Congratulations on creating your first SharePoint blog!

Vijayakumar Mani

Written by Vijayakumar Mani