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New capabilities with SharePoint Migration Tool beta release

Microsoft announced the availability of SharePoint Migration Tool in January. A simplified tool to get your migrations from on-premises SharePoint sites to SharePoint Online.

The migration tool comes with an easy interface to enable migration in 3 easy steps.

1. Select a source

2. Choose a destination

3. Go!

The Migration wizard itself has lots of information and help that you might require during migration process. You can download a copy of the migration tool at the link here. http://spmtreleasescus.blob.core.windows.net/betainstall/default.htm

 What are the new features it supports? Let us discuss those one by one.

New List Support

The migration tool now allows you to migrate SharePoint Server 2013 lists to include many list templates including…

















New On-Premises AuthN Support

With the new migration tool, now you can connect to more on-premises sources.





1. MFA

2. SAML Claims

3. Client Certificates

Creates Site Structure automatically

When you are migrating your on-premises lists and documents the new version of this SharePoint migration tool will create the source site collection or the list, if that doesn’t exist already. This eliminates the need to manually create a destination site. Only thing you have to do is to enter a URL that exists or a new valid URL for the site. The migration tool will do the rest for you.

Support for JSON files

The previous version of the migration tools has limitations to choosing a repository for bulk migrations. You could only choose a CSV file. But with this new migration tool, you not only can use CSV for automating the migrations, you will also have JSON support. This will offer you even more fine grain level of control that includes task level setting to be different.

This new SharePoint migration tool will effectively take care of migrations of any level. Smallest of migrations to large scale migrations including support for bulk repository upload. This useful migration tool helps you to migrate files from on-premises to SharePoint or OneDrive or from on-premises versions of SharePoint.

We have an article on SharePoint migration covered, which you are free to check.

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