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New Release: All you need to know about SharePoint Dev Ecosystem PnP

Microsoft has released SharePoint Dev Ecosystem or SharePoint Patterns and Practices (PnP) update in April 2018. In this article let us cover the different areas around the SharePoint Dev ecosystem.

What actually is SharePoint PnP?

SharePoint PnP or SharePoint Dev Ecosystem both means the same are set of activities coordinated by SharePoint engineering. SharePoint PnP is the main repository for community driven SharePoint and Office 365 Development patterns and practices. PnP initiative has numerous GitHub repositories that helps to easily find relevant information that you are looking for.

This is an open source initiative that acts as a platform to share the learnings. Both the Microsoft community and external community members can share their knowledge of implementation practices for SharePoint and Office 365. This is an initiative that is done by the community for the community. The only limitation is that since this is an open source initiative there is no SLAs for the support offered through GitHub.

SharePoint PnP resources

In addition to what GitHub offers, we have other sources to know about PnP such as the monthly community calls that happen every week giving a summary of SharePoint Development topics. All the monthly community calls are recorded and released to the PnP YouTube channel within 24 hours.

Then, we have the SharePoint Dev Blog posts. Here you could find all the latest blog posts and announcements regarding the SharePoint development topics. You can access the blog at dev.office.com/blogs

Also, you have webcasts that typically last half an hour where all SharePoint related conversations happen. Much like the monthly call recordings getting updated in PnP YouTube channel, these webcasts too are uploaded to the same YouTube channel for future reference.

SIG – SharePoint Framework and JavaScript Special Interest Group is conducting bi-weekly meetings that will discuss all the recent changes/updates in the SharePoint Framework from the engineering perspective. This also covers the latest development related to the PnP JS Core Library. Mostly these discussions will have interactive demos. Already there are some good community demos on the new SharePoint Framework client-side web parts. You can again, check the recordings of SIG in the PnP YouTube channel.

SharePoint GitHub Repositories

Since we have a lot of different GitHub repositories under SharePoint, we are sharing here some of the main categories so that you could get what you need without much search easily. Though the below list is not complete, this could give you an idea of GitHub and how data is organized.

· sp-dev-docs - Source for new SharePoint dev center documentation exposed from http://dev.office.com/sharepoint

· sp-dev-fx-webparts - Client-side web part samples from community and engineering

· sp-dev-samples - Samples for add-ins, webhooks, and other API

· sp-dev-fx-extensions - Samples and tutorial code around SharePoint Framework Extensions

· sp-dev-fx-vs-extension - Open source Visual Studio IDE extension for creating SharePoint Framework solutions in the Visual Studio 2015 or 2017

· sp-dev-build-extensions - Different build extensions like gulp tasks and gulp plugins from the community and engineering around SharePoint development

· sp-dev-gdpr-activity-hub - Reference solution on the GDPR business case showing SPFx implementation with PowerBI and modern site customization

· sp-dev-solutions - Repository for more polished and fine-tuned reusable solutions build with SharePoint Framework

· sp-dev-fx-controls-react - Reusable content controls for SharePoint Framework solutions build with React

· sp-dev-fx-property-controls - Reusable property pane controls to be used in web parts

Hope you found this article useful. If we have missed anything, please let us know in the comments.

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