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SharePoint News updates in O365 & Teams integration

SharePoint News updates has got even more exciting now. You can keep your teams updated and stay on top of everything. SharePoint pages and news, lets you create relevant and content-rich news announcements and reports. All those will look great on any device and within any other Office 365 application. And the exciting part is that the news articles will be available to all team members even if they have joined months after its publication. Interesting, isn’t it? 

Here are the 5 major SharePoint pages and news capabilities that are prevalent across Office 365 environment. 

A) Create news from SharePoint home in Office 365 

B) Add pages and news as tabs in Microsoft Teams channels 

C) Post all your team news into Microsoft Teams automatically 

D) Create and send informative email news digests 

E) Measure the impact and engagement of your news articles 

Let us discuss each in brief. 

Create news from SharePoint home in Office 365 

SharePoint news is a great means to create dynamic updates throughout your organization. You can now do it even more from a centralized location. All you have to do is to just click on the Create News button from the SharePoint home in your Office 365. Choose where you want to publish your news with a list of frequent sites. When you choose the site you need, you will be redirected to the news authoring canvas for that site. Just make a title and share your content and start broadcasting some good news! 

Create news from SharePoint home in Office 365

Add pages and news articles as tabs in Microsoft Teams channels

Great that you have created a news. Now, it is time to share it to the world. You can now target your teams (those who are in Microsoft Teams) where you already connect and collaborate with. SharePoint is a content service for Microsoft Teams that will enable you to surface content in the context of your work.

This recent update will let you add pages, news articles and lists as TABS in your Microsoft Teams channels. Your teams can now fully interact with the content in a more dynamic way.

It’s even possible to filter reports with the Power BI web part, view videos with the Microsoft Stream web part.

Post all your team news into Microsoft Teams automatically

Yes, now you can post all your team news into your Teams app automatically which drives visibility and engagement. Each of your shared news articles could generate a conversation within your Teams channel. Just add the News Connector and right click any Microsoft Teams channel and click Connectors and add your SharePoint News. Once you do this, every published news article will trigger a meaningful and engaging conversation.

Post all your team news into Microsoft Teams automatically

Create and send informative email news digests

How about sending informative email news digests that are consolidated and auto-formatted? This could expand the reach of your news articles across your organization.

Select specific news items, add people or groups on the To: line, and then add a simple message that is relevant to the news and click send. The email will be delivered to their inbox with neat image and text previews and deep links to the full news articles.

Measure the impact and engagement of your pages and news articles

Okay, now you have created engaging news content. But how do you know how well it was received? Don’t worry as you have the Site usage page, where you can get a view of how users are interacting with a site. You even have a view of usage on each page and news article. At the bottom of every news article that you shared, you will see a row of information with how many people have liked, how many have left comments, total number of views etc. When you hover over, you get more insights. This update will let you like an individual comment too.

These are some really good improvements to the SharePoint News features and you will definitely love the new changes. Watch out this video to get a visual idea of what we have discussed.

Jayakumar Balasubramaniam

Written by Jayakumar Balasubramaniam

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