How to automate recurring meeting invites with different invitees with Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow emanates with the tagline Work Less, do more that helps create automated workflows on the go. You will only be excited, how easy it is to setup custom workflows and get more productive.

Suppose, you are a manager handling a set of different teams and you run weekly status calls. In that case, you will setup a recurrence meeting and keep things on top. Here comes the challenge. What if you have different attendees every week? Every week you have this meeting with different set of people?

Custom Meeting Automation with Microsoft Flow

You can setup meeting invites manually every time, but is that a smart solution? Not so atleast with Microsoft Flows in place. The problem with doing this manually is that there are chances that you forget to remove the previous attendees or miss to add someone you would like to have the call with.

You can setup a flow that will do this every Monday at a specified time as shown below. The Extract Flow just extracts the ids of the people on call by calling a custom connector that is coded with Azure functions.

Here is what you could do:

  • Use the advanced recurrence settings to run the flow at a specific time every week
  • Use a ODATA filter query in the GetEvents action
  • This will return only the meeting invite we are looking for (reduces the number of calendar events the Flow will process)
  • Use Properties of the same calendar event and update the new event (see figure)
  • Use the same ID, Subject, Start / End time, Meeting Location etc.
  • The email fields will have the current meeting attendees

Meeting Automation with Microsoft Flow

Meeting Automation with MicrosoftFlow

Hope you find this useful. Flows come up with lot more exciting features to automate your work life and boost productivity. Have you built any Flows? You are welcome to share us those in the comments.

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