How to Use Microsoft flow to build ticketing System in SharePoint

In this article I have explained how to create a help desk solution using SharePoint Out of box functionality & use of Microsoft flow. Help desk are usually created to receive here & now request from customers. Let’s say you have a small team of 4 colleagues working on addressing the issues raised by the customer. So we cannot send the same email to other colleagues to solve the issues what others have done with that specific customer on that specific topic. For this we can create our own SharePoint list to collect all customer request under a single list. In order to keep the track of the issue, issue raised by the individual & the time period it takes to resolve the issue can be maintained in SharePoint.

So let’s get started:-

Create web part to build help desk:

 I.  Custom list /Issue tracking web parts can be used to build the help desk. Here I have consider a custom list.

II. Here two list we need to create .One list will keep the track of the emails & the other list will be used to assign the task which will be associated with a workflow.

III. So let’s create the custom list for receiving the mail content.

IV. Go to Add an apps Custom List Give Name  Click on create. Refer below Screenshot:-

Create IT help desk webpart.png

V. Add columns to the IT Help Desk. Refer below screenshot:-

Add columns to the IT Help Desk.png

Syncing Microsoft Flow with the Custom List

IV. Open Microsoft flow. Click on App launcher. Choose Flow  Click on flow Choose SharePoint service Use template Once an outlook email is received add it to a SharePoint list. Refer below screenshot:-

sync ms flow.png

sync sharepoint.png

Syncing Microsoft Flow with the Custom List.png

IIV. Connect the flow with your O365 ID & click on continue as shown in the below screenshot.

Connect the flow with your O365.png

IIIV. Select the folder for which you want to track the email. Here I have selected inbox folder so that when any email arrives in an inbox folder, out flow will run. Refer below screenshot:-


IX.  Click on New Step & Click on add an action. Refer below screenshot:-

add an action.png

X. Select a SharePoint. Refer below screenshot:-


XI. Choose a SharePoint-Create item. Once created add dynamic content & provide site address, list name, Email from as from, to as to, Subject as Subject, Email body as body & save flow. Refer below screenshot:-

Sharepoint create item.png

XII. Once the flow is saved click on done. Refer below screenshot:-

sharepoint item creation.png

XIII. Now when the outlook receives mail it will get stored in the list. Refer below screenshot:-

file edit.png

Create List to be associated with workflow:

Here we will create a helpdesk custom list. Follow the below steps:-

I. Click on Add an app. Select Custom list and enter the name & click on create. Refer below image.

Add an app.pngCustom List Creation.pngII. Adding Columns to the Custom list

A. Open the list created as IT Helpdesk, click on list & then click on list settings. Refer below screenshot:-

Click on create column as shown below.

List Settings.png

B. Modify the title column to issue column as shown in the below screenshot.

Title Modify.png

C.  Click on create column as shown below.

Column Creation.png

D. Here we created columns such as Issue Description as Multiple lines of text, Preferred method of Contact as choice, Phone no. as Number, Email Address as Single line of text ,Status as Choice, Issue Type as Choice, Date of Issue Submission as date & time. Refer below screenshot:-

helpdesk header.png

III. Create three state workflow for the above created list

Three State Workflow tracks the status, issue or task in three states. In each state the workflow assign a task to the SharePoint users & sends that person an email alert about the task. The workflow will update the status of the item & will process the next step once the task is completed.

So let’s get started:-

Step-1:-Click on the list .Select Workflow settings and choose Add a workflow. Refer below screenshot.

Select Workflow settings.png

Step-2:- Select the workflow template as Three-State. Enter name of the workflow. Select Task list as Tasks. Select History list as Workflow History. Uncheck the workflow to be manually started option and check Creating a new item will start this workflow. Click on next.Refer below screenshot.

Workflow Details.pngworkflow.png

Step-3:- Change Task description field as Issue Description. Refer image below:-

Task Details.png

Step-4:- Uncheck Task due date & Task assigned to, Select Custom & assign the name as shown in the screenshot:-

Task Due date.png

Step-5:- Change task description field to Issue description.

Issue Deskription.png

Step-6:- Uncheck Task Due Date & Task assigned to, Select Custom & assign the name and click ok as shown in the screenshot:-

Task Assign.png

Customizing Helpdesk Form

Step-1:- Click on Items, New items as shown in the below screenshot.

New item.pngStep-2:- Click on gear icon on upper right and click on “Edit page “option.

Edit Page.png

Step-3:- Click on Add a Webpart and add a Content editor as shown below:-

Add a WebPart.png


Step-4:- Paste the content & stop editing the page as shown in the screenshot.

Add a Web Part.png

stop editing.png

Step-5:- Add new item to the form which received through mail in the list created using Microsoft flow and the workflow will get trigerredas shown in the below screenshot.

Item craetion.png

Step-6:- Once the task has been assigned you will get mail as shown below:-

Task Assign-1.png

Step-7:- After completing the task the respective task assignee have to update the status as shown below screenshot


When an email is received the issue get stored in the list & the respective admin will assign the task to a specific User, once the task will be completed or in progress the same will be updated by the user.

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