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Microsoft integrates LinkedIn with Office 365 - Resume Assistant

In 2016, Microsoft beat its CRM competitor Salesforce to acquire LinkedIn for $26 billion. Since...

Vijayakumar Mani
10th Nov 2017

5 Ways to go Paperless with Office 365 & SharePoint

More and more offices are going green. The eco-friendly benefits that a paperless office...

Suresh Kumar
19th Oct 2017

Microsoft battles phishing with its Advanced Security Platform

Microsoft handles a whopping 450 billion emails every month. Do you have any guess on the number...

Arut Selvan
20th Sep 2017

Microsoft launches Mac app toolbar for Office 365

Microsoft’s Garage Team is to encourage their employees to create apps in their leisure. Now,...

Jayakumar Balasubramaniam
9th Sep 2017

Digital Transformation made better with New OneDrive

Microsoft is unveiling New Features to Office 365 more frequently. With its latest update of...

Arut Selvan
11th Aug 2017

Writing with Microsoft Surface Digital ‘ink’ in Office?

You wish only if you could write with ‘ink’ in Office? No more a mere wish. Microsoft has made...

Salmanul Farish
6th Jun 2017

Microsoft Project is a monster now with an ability to hold 30,000 projects online!

Microsoft Project Team has been releasing some cool updates to Microsoft Office Project for well...

Salmanul Farish
11th May 2017

Microsoft To-Do preview released. Bid-adieu Wunderlist!

Microsoft released a preview of its new task management app Microsoft To-Do few days back. This...

Salmanul Farish
28th Apr 2017

4 Strategies with Office 365 to foster Workspace Collaboration

Ernst & Young conducted a fascinating study on ‘Work-Life Challenges across generations’. The...

Salmanul Farish
17th Apr 2017

Office 365 April 2017 updates. What’s New?

Microsoft has released a lot of cool new features as updates for its Office 365 Business premium...

11th Apr 2017