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Top 7 Most Exciting SharePoint TERMSTORE Features

Microsoft is releasing exciting updates to SharePoint & Office 365 quite often. Recently...

Suresh Kumar
14th Nov 2017

Everything you always wanted to know about SharePoint 2016 – Part II

Welcome back to the Part II of SharePoint 2016 article. If you haven’t’ yet read the Part I of...

Vignesh Ganesan
9th Nov 2017

Everything you always wanted to know about SharePoint 2016 – Part I

SharePoint 2016 –The new kid in town. Well, I hope you won’t mind when I say that SharePoint...

Vignesh Ganesan
7th Nov 2017

Microsoft releases New SharePoint CSOM – October 2017 Release

Microsoft announced the release of new SharePoint CSOM (Client-Side Object Model) for Office 365...

Ravin Thangaraj
30th Oct 2017

How to register/unregister SharePoint add-ins using PowerShell

Suppose, you would like to have the remote components of a provider-hosted SharePoint Add-in to...

Arut Selvan
23th Oct 2017

5 Ways to go Paperless with Office 365 & SharePoint

More and more offices are going green. The eco-friendly benefits that a paperless office...

Suresh Kumar
19th Oct 2017

How to access User profile on SharePoint with Android

While developing Android App for SharePoint, often we might need to access the User Profile...

Hari Murugesan
8th Aug 2017

Microsoft releases New SharePoint and OneDrive features

SharePoint virtual summit was held on May 16th 2017 and Microsoft announced the latest features...

Tamilarasan Kulandaisamy
24th May 2017

7 Reasons why your company should deploy SharePoint (Your employees would love Reason#7)

As a business owner, what would you expect out of your business? Is it Profitability? Yes, that...

Tamilarasan Kulandaisamy
6th Mar 2017