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7 Reasons why your company should deploy SharePoint (Your employees would love Reason#7)

As a business owner, what would you expect out of your business? Is it Profitability? Yes, that is how businesses thrive.  Is it more clients? That’s obvious too. They are the ones who help run your show. But how would you achieve that? Sure, you couldn’t get this done all by yourself. That’s pretty obvious. You would need an effective team.

Not just an effective team, but a team that is hyper productive, organized and fosters collaboration in work.

Intranets with an organized workflow and quick access to often used tools and documents is a sure way to increase productivity in work. When it comes to setting up Intranet, Microsoft SharePoint is an unrivaled leader. Microsoft has taken this product from just a document sharing repository to a web-based intranet that can help improve your organization's effectiveness by streamlining the management of and access to data. Sounds an interesting idea to deploy SharePoint for your office too?

Here are 7 reasons how SharePoint can dramatically improve your business. Also, it will make things clear on why you should absolutely deploy SharePoint. Your employees for sure will love the Reason #7.

Fosters Employee Engagement

When your employees run that extra mile beyond their regular tasks, that means your employees are engaged. So how do you help foster an environment for that to happen? SharePoint is the key.

With a neat dashboard giving them a concise view of what is happening, the pending tasks, the next scheduled work items and much more in a single view. All tools you require to make peer-to-peer engagement easier. What else would they need?

Much more they can also be given a chance to get involved in a new initiative of your company. That would make them feel they are part of a big picture. Now, no doubt they are completely engaged. Do you agree?

Seamless Team Collaboration

If there is a way to intelligently discover, share and collaborate content across teams and individuals would you not be impressed? That too, independent of location and device. If you can make that happen, that is absolute team empowerment.

SharePoint gives you the ability to access official information on the go. All in a centralized location, neatly organized and customizable. Collaboration tools can help to improve productivity and fine tune daily workflows. SharePoint has every single tool in its arsenal for a seamless team collaboration. Recall the old days, when SharePoint was a document sharing repository. Now, it has evolved a long way from there, now to support Web 2.0, Social Sharing, Wikis, Blogs etc. all helping in team collaboration.

SharePoint Intranet Software

Effective Office Communication

You will only be amazed when I say we have at least 10 tools in SharePoint to make effective communications with other workspace members. Yes, you have the real-time chat feature, Discussion boards, Wiki pages, Announcements, Survey, Yammer (the Facebook for Enterprise, as it is often called), Alerts, Content Tagging, Community Sites, Videos, Blogs and the list goes on. Official Communications can be now interactive and engaging if you can tap the potential of these SharePoint features. A whole new way of Communication.

Brilliant Project Management

SharePoint is not just a Project Management tools. It is much more than that. But it has effective solutions for complete Project Management too. Microsoft is known to create user-friendly interfaces and this is no exception either.

Starting from determining the layout of the Project/Team site, Creating the Project, Configuring essential web parts, setting up Security and quick launch navigation every single process is quite simple and hassle free. Creating and managing a task list make things easy to follow up and complete the pending tasks on time.

You even have a feature to import projects straight from MS Project into your SharePoint online portal. This comes in handy if you are already using MS Project and would like to migrate your projects to SharePoint.

Valuable Document Management

How often you waste a lot of time searching for valuable documents? Scanning your mailbox, archived PST files, network disks and what else? With SharePoint Document Management, you can retrieve the files you want at the click of a button. (But, you have to follow few standards while uploading. Hold on a while, let me come to that later)

Never use this valuable feature as a dumping place where you put in all your corporate documents. That is not the way it is designed. The major objective is to Organize documents, that are related and also share same security permissions. You can define metadata category-wise, define the property of each metadata, Content types etc. The more detail you provide, the easier it gets while searching for a file you need. These are the standards I mentioned above.

You can also setup advanced features like sharing permissions, versioning system etc. that makes SharePoint a valuable Document Management.

Easy Calendar Management

Calendars come effectively to keep up the schedules on time with reminders popping up. It also has an option to schedule your regular meetings on a recurrence basis so that you never miss a meeting again.

But, managing multiple calendars is quite daunting. With SharePoint, you can combine different calendars into one single calendar (you can still choose different colors for each calendar events). For example, you can merge your personal calendar with your other official calendars you might have.

With the calendar overlay feature, this becomes easy. It gives an ability to view data gathered from various locations including your Exchange Calendars all in one place.

WFH Made Possible

Work from home now gets easy for your employees. They have single point access to every tool or file they need to carry on with their schedules even remotely from home. Maybe you think this is not a good reason as a business owner for you to deploy SharePoint? It is something your employees would love to have although.

But think of a worst case scenario, where you can’t miss on the delivery and at the same time few of your employees have a valid reason unable to walk into office but can support from home. SharePoint absolutely supports seamless remote working.

The story doesn’t end here. We have lot more SharePoint features, that can play a vital role in improving your business. But that will be a topic for another day. So stay tuned with us.

Okay, what do you think? Hope you are convinced that SharePoint has everything to increase the productivity of your workforce and dramatically change the way of work-life. If you still have reservations, we recommend checking the common misconceptions people have about SharePoint. Maybe you are one of them, but this article could change your perception.

Tamilarasan Kulandaisamy

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