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What are the Top 5 enterprise challenges SharePoint can solve?

We are in a world where Social Media has been influencing our lives. However only recently enterprises have begun to engage themselves in this new era of Social Engagement. When you have a SharePoint Intranet deployed in your organization, much like how more than 80% of Fortune companies do, you have got solutions for many of your organizational and enterprise challenges.

SharePoint has social collaboration tools built exclusively for enterprises which if used properly could leverage your employees’ productivity by offering them access to tools they need in their worklife. Not only making employees’ life easier, but organizations too could benefit by overcoming these top 5 enterprise challenges when you have SharePoint. Okay let us dive into that now.


Productive work hours in organization is a big challenge with quality time being spent on trivial issues ranging from checking files, communication with peers and so on. SharePoint has everything in place for better communication and content management which makes this a great choice as a tool to leverage productivity in your organization.


For your employees to perform better, you need to give them a feel that they are part of your community. It is not uncommon that employees often get disconnected from the goals and objectives of your organization.

You should have a proper environment and set of tools that could improve collaborative work in your office. Social collaboration tools help make them feel that they are connected to the ‘global’ organization.


Think of this scenario. You need to share a video file, quite large in size to your peers. Traditionally, employees have relied on email services, but that is not a good option anymore. It might pile up their inbox and also the company’s server.

You might be using cloud services like Dropbox, but again data security becomes an issue. Also, you don’t have hold of the space you use.

SharePoint has enterprise storage solutions inbuilt so handling multimedia files is not more a challenge.


Knowing your employees’ user behavior could open new doors for better organization. If you have an option to know which tools your employees use most, we can get an idea of the resources they need the most.

Thanks to analytics, you exactly can track your end user behavior. You could get insights into the topics that are most important and engaging to your employees.

You can also understand the social dynamics that is happening in your company and better engage, motivate and reward your employees.


Managing content and fetching the required files on demand is one of the other biggest challenge. Especially when you have terabytes of data this becomes ridiculous.

But no more if you have SharePoint. One of the best things with SharePoint is that it has effective tools for Content Management. Most vendors even pack up an App, may be a Document Manager that has an enhanced user experience than the vanilla version you get with SharePoint

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